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This grocery chain was first established in Italy by Francesco and Rosa Cataldi. It is an independent grocery store. This store is quite small in size compared to other stores. But this is not because it is not about the scarcity or abundance of products. Farm products are included in this market. In other words, it is only one thing to end with the arrival of organic products on a daily basis in this market. That's why this market is very popular. Since there are many buyers, in order to provide you with a better service, daily income ends and we bring it back. It has received the approval of our customers in terms of organic and freshness. When Rosa Cataldi came to Canada in 1989, she decided to open a market with her touch in Europe. The name of the store has been corrected as Lamezia Grocery.

As the family grew, they made progress towards other market chains on the way to become more enthusiastic in this business. When you examine the Cataldi flyer, we see that we are very lucky in terms of products. As we can understand even from the pictures in the brochures, the freshness of the products is remarkable. In 1996, the Cataldi family decided to open a second branch. This market has decided to import these products in terms of olive oil vinegar, pasta tomato paste cookies and cake decorations. Easter and Christmas special cakes are only available in this market. Many gourmets visit our market in order to eat the cakes and cookies we make.

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You should follow these special days by examining the Cataldi flyer and finding the missing products in your kitchen. We will work harder for you to provide our customers with the best Italian food products and to give them the best service they deserve. While talking about these discount days, it was observed that more sales were made in the most popular discount days Cataldi Christmas flyer 2022 and Cataldi Black Friday flyer 2022. In addition to these features, we come to you with the products, not you, with the courier system they offer in other markets. This makes all our customers happy. Especially in this covid period, our customers have been very satisfied with this service.